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Trolldom Herbs - Myskgräs (Anthoxantum nitens)

This insignificantly looking grass is called Myskgräs (Musk grass) in Swedish and Hierochloe Odorata or more recently Anthoxanthum nitens in latin. Its also called Amurgräs or Amorgräs which gives away it's use as a love enticing/enhancing grass in the trolldom tradition. Linnaeus wrote in 1746 that this was picked by girls and sold in small bundles in Gothenburg city. It has an almost identical smell to the previously mentioned Vårbrodd (Anthoxantum Odoratum) mentioned here last year, who is also used for the same purpose. Today this grass is mostly known through its use in the native american tradition where it is called "Sweet grass" and used as an incense. It is braided, imported and sold under that name in some Swedish new age stores and used as a cleansing, consecrating and uplifting scent.



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