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Transform love life and relationships

Love is one of the most common areas where in folk magic traditions people have used rituals to try to influence and solve their problems.

Love magic has gained an undeserved tarnished reputation in Sweden. The most common myth is that you use love magic to force someone else to love. The truth is that there are such spells that works in a compelling way. They usually have an element of confusion along with the compulsion that makes the desired person easy to seduce.

These are the types of spells that have given love magic a bad name, but the truth is that there are a whole lot of types of love spells that are not binding at all. Instead, they encourage the desired partner to love and invite love.

If you find yourself in a frustrated situation and don't know what to do, it is often a good idea to use a little magic to help you move on. The very act of actually doing something about it often lets go of the fears, doubts and blocks that might otherwise get in the way of success and can yield results that way. If you have not noticed any difference after 3 months, you should seek professional help.

Here are the most common situations where you can use some magic and what you can do yourself. All these methods have been used successfully by many people. None of these methods are dangerous or put yourself or others at any risk. When the ritual is done, one should take three steps back, take a deep breath and exhale, turn around and let it go completely. After a few days, you can start to pay attention to changes.

You should preferably not talk to others about what you are doing until the given result or no result at all.

Attract a new partner for sex

The most common and easiest way is to light a red candle and let it burn while you go out in search of a partner. Filling a baking sheet with sand, putting the candle in a stable candlestick and placing it in the middle of the sheet so that it only falls into the sand if it were to fall is a reasonably safe method.

An old trick in the southern United States, often used by prostitutes, is to make a "Hot Mama douche" by brewing a tea with nutmeg and lightly spraying it in the crotch while praying for luck.

Some men do the same by dusting a little powder from the Galangal root on their hands and then touching the person they wish to attract. Galangal is a common spice in Chinese cuisine and can be found in most Asian grocery stores. Many believe that juniper has a similar ability.

In any case, one should hold the thing to be used on the body in the left hand and then sincerely pray over it with the intention that it will attract sex before using it on the body.

Attracting a long-term relationship can of course start with the above method but is more often done separately.

Attract a long-term relationship

A common way is that when the moon is new or growing towards full, take a pink, a red and a light blue candle that you anoint with almond oil, roll in a mixture of orange peel, jasmine flower and rose petals. Then you light them in that order (pink then red then light blue) while asking that a new partner will pay attention to the prayer and be drawn to you - like the moth is drawn to the light, like the sunflower to the sun or like the water is drawn to the moon - which words prefer. You can crumble some of the herbal mixture over the lit flames while praying. Then the candles are allowed to burn down completely and the remains must be collected carefully, placed in a small piece of cloth and carried close to the body or placed under the mattress until the next time.

Going down to the sea with 7 roses, stepping into the water and letting seven waves wash over you before putting it down and asking the goddess of the sea for help in attracting a partner is also a common way. It is also done at the new moon or shortly thereafter. When you leave there, you shouldn't look back.

If it has not worked after three months, it should be repeated during three subsequent new moons. If that does not work, you must seek help from a professional practitioner.

Awaken and bring back a lost love

Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of lost love and it is only when you have lost the one you love that you miss them the most. You can of course debate whether this is because you don't think you can get better or that you romanticize the relationship afterwards, but regardless, it is a common problem that many people try to solve by trying to fix what was broken.

One way to do it is to place two red candles a little distance from each other. One candle is named in your name and the other in the name of the lost individual. In between you put two white candles. The red ones can be smeared with almond oil and rolled in love herbs if desired. The two white ones can be anointed with olive oil (think of the olive branch in the dove of peace's beak) and if you have access to some Hyssop you can sprinkle some of the dried herb on these candles. Some believe that the candles should be lit during the last week before the full moon and that they should be burned for three days. If you burn them for three days, the candles must be pinched out when they have burned a third and then lit again during the following two days. When finished, the residue should be sprinkled where the loved one passes or comes into contact with the residue.

It is traditional to set a time limit for how long one should try to withdraw the old love before giving up and starting over by attracting a new partner who is better than the old one. If you continue for too long, there is a good chance that you will "jinx", i.e. destroy your love life through hopeless work and despair.

Improve an existing relationship.

If there is a lack of passion in the relationship, mix some cinnamon, cardamom and a pinch of ginger and sincerely and intentionally pray over them that the relationship and passion will be heated up.

They can then be served in food or drink, sprinkled in pinches under the bed or burned as incense. Regardless, it should be done during the new moon or soon after. The incense ash can also be given in food or drink.

If the issue is one of fidelity and loyalty, cumin and caraway mixed and powdered is what you should roll a red, white or blue candle in and light each new moon. You can also mix these with rose petals and make a strong tea. Pour the tea into the bath or a pail of lukewarm water. Wash yourself from the bottom up and pray for your partner to be loyal and faithful. Repeat the procedure and the prayer three times. Then step out of the bath and let the body air dry. Save some of the bath water and secretly give it to your partner in food and drink. The best time for such a bath is at dawn the week before the full moon.

Another common problem in an existing relationship is that communication does not work. Nutmeg is said to make others more receptive to what you have to say. Some wear the nut around their neck with the purpose of making themselves heard.

Others believe that blood root leaves (five finger leaves) together with a little sugar or honey make others talk and say nice things about you. Mix the dried herb with the honey, pray over the mixture that (mention the person's name) will speak to you. Give the mixture to him or her hidden in food, drink, or allow the mixture to come into contact with the person by stepping on or over it. A pinch under the pillow or in the pillowcase (then use sugar instead of honey) is also said to be a good idea.

Honey and sugar make up a whole world of little spells when you want to improve relationships (see articles on sweetening spells).

There are, of course, other relationships than just the partner relationship that may need to be improved.

Marjoram and lavender flowers are said to improve the relationship between adults and children and can be burned with sincere prayer just before the full moon. The ashes can be given to the child in food or drink or sprinkled where it comes into contact with the adult who needs to improve their relationship with a child.

Cinnamon and Coriander are said to be effective in attracting friends or increasing friendship between people. A powdered mixture of the two burned on the stove or incense charcoal makes a good incense to be lit at dawn three weeks in a row starting from the new moon. A small pinch on the stove together with a silent sincere prayer at breakfast is usually the "lazymans" variant. If you have children at the breakfast table, who have difficulty making friends, it's not a bad idea. The ashes are taken and sprinkled in front of the threshold when the three weeks are over.

Breaking up an unhealthy relationship or getting rid of the feelings from an ended relationship

Breaking up a relationship is a sensitive thing because it can easily be used to attack relationships that are good and working well. But in some cases, the method can be used to break up a dangerous and destructive relationship between two adults or young people and children who "got into bad company".

A common method is to numb love by taking three small stones and putting them in a piece of cloth and tying them. Then you dab the bag three times on the person's stomach and say; "As cold as these stones are in the depths of the well, so cold will the love be between you and NN". The bag is then thrown into a well or other deep body of water. There are other methods where you use cat and dog hair, burial soil and the like but it is not recommended unless you are experienced and know what you are doing and have a good purpose.

If you have trouble letting go of feelings from an old relationship, you can boil nine walnuts in an iron pot for three hours. Add water as it boils down. Then pour the nuts and water into a tub or bucket filled with lukewarm water. Then wash yourself thoroughly from top to bottom while sincerely praying for the old feelings to disappear forever. The nuts and some of the water must then be carried to a running water and thrown in with the words "Kinn, rinn nu bort med detta vatten, stanna där till domedagsnatten”. ("Kinn, now run away with this water, stay there until the night of Judgment Day”). Then walk away without turning around.

It should preferably be done at sunset when the moon decreases in size. Preferably the week before the new moon.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe in magic or "something supernatural" when you do these things. The important thing is that your intention is strong, your prayer sincere, that you let go when you are done and that you understand that it may take a while before you see results and you may need to repeat the rituals for them to work.

If that doesn't work, you can contact a professional practitioner and let them do a love spell for you.



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