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Spell help for children starting school

Autumn has arrived and many children once again have to contend with tough social hierarchies at school. Most of the time, it is about necessary conflicts to learn the social game, and many believe that if you are going to intervene magically, it should be done carefully.

Giving the child a small sense of enhanced security can be done with the help of reading over some cinnamon powder. You can advantageously dilute the cinnamon 1/10 with a little baby powder or talc to avoid allergic reactions. Then you put a little "dut" on the child's sternum, every morning before school. This type of powder is considered to provide decent protection against envy and the evil eye and "warms" the atmosphere around the person wearing it.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of "reading over", it means thinking about what you want to happen and imagining infusing it into the powder by breathing on it or saying a prayer - silently or aloud - over it .

A pinch of dried parsley mixed with finely powdered iron filings and a pinch of cinnamon under the insoles of the shoes reinforces the protection and may be suitable if the child is particularly vulnerable.

There are, of course, other mixes that are considered to give a boost to things like "opening up and attracting new friends", "strengthening study skills" and the like, but I'll have to write about that another day.

If the child has had a hard time at school, it is a good idea to clean the child a little bit when you get home after school. It is considered to help release feelings and thoughts about troublesome things related to school and the social relationships there. The simplest variant is to wipe the back of the child's head with a cloth moistened with cold water or a diluted alcohol-based cologne, tincture or similar.

You can also lightly brush the child from head to toe all around the body with the same cloth to remove feelings and thoughts that get stuck. The effect varies depending on how the day was for the child, but a small relief is usually marked and it usually leads to better sleep, less anxiety during social conflicts, balances self-confidence if the child accuses or looks down on himself, etc.

These things are of course no substitute for normal care, parental loving attention, contact with teachers, counsellors, other parents or other available help agencies.



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