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The Almanac Honey Jar spell

Almanacs have been in use in Trolldom for many kinds of spells. This is a modern spell utilizing that concept in combination with the sweetening work in the Hoodoo conjure tradition. This spell is mean to cover a whole year in the practitioners future and is meant to Sweeten the whole year.

For those who does not know about the concept of sweetening it something that is done to make people kinder towards you, more attracted and open to you and so on.

This spell has been tested and tried by myself and others and it usually works very well if done exactly according to the instructions with a sincere frame of mind.

Limiting or confining the spell within a very set frame of time is always a strengthener to your work and I have found calendars to be very effective to represent this in conjure work.


You will need

  • A small pocket almanac. The kind that looks like a small book.

  • A big, NEW and unused glass jar (unless the calendar is very small indeed).

  • Enough honey to fill the jar. I usually go with liquid honey since it is easier to pour. Sugar can be used instead. Even sugar water if you are going for the budget version.  

  • A picture of yourself (or the person for whom you are making this for).

  • A pen to write your name and various wishes in the calendar.

  • An assortment of Conjure oils, herbs, grinded roots or powders. This is not neccesary if you are just going to sweeten your year. These are used to reinforce other things that you may put in the almanack such as getting a partner, better relations with your co-workers, more money, new job, increased spiritual perceptions, power and so on. 

This is what you will do:

  1. Write your full name three times on the back of your picture. Open the almanack and glue the picture on the inside to the left. Your face should be outwards so that when the book closes you will be "facing your year". Once that is done you can further personalize "your year" by adding a few drops of blood, hair and other personal concerns to the almanac, so that it surely will represent YOUR future year. 

  2. Allow three weeks to be blank fron the date you are currently on. Then start writing wishes. Allow at least three weeks for each wish. If the wish is a big one then allow it to take three - six months. On new moons you may write "Attracting...[insert wish]...". You may anoint the new moon requests with a suitable conjure oil or glue some powder, hers or root on it. On full moons - write the result "I met a new and wonderful lover", "I got a new and wonderful job", "I have lost 10kg of weight" and so on. 

  3. Once you are done you can seal up your calendar. Some do this by wrapping it with white, red and black thread. You may use any thread you like. This is now your year to come. 

  4. Insert the almanac into the jar and fill it up with honey. 

  5. Present the jar to the directions - East, South, West and North by holding it up and say "This is my year to come".  Then present it to any other spirit whom it may concern, such as your ancestors, the spirit of the city you are living in, the spirit of any city you wish to move to or work in and so on. 

  6. You may now burn candles on top of your jar each new moon to reinforce it or just store it away where it will be undisturbed. Then forget about it.

  7. Some think it is a good idea to surround the jar with herbs of protection from the evil eye. This is optional. 

That´s it. Thats how you do The Almanac-Honey jar spell.

If you want this done for you and shipped to you: send a request to

To read more on Honey Jar spells and sweetening see:



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