How they are done and how they work

Diet spells and spells to loose weight are immensly popular. People who have a hard time loosing weight and have tried all kinds of more or less healthy diet may gain that extra missing piece by having a professional cast a weight loss spell on their behalf.

How do weight loss spells work?

They are done in many ways but what I have found to be most effective is the following:

First you must make the person turn from a negative subconsious path to a positive path. The subconsious is always more interested in manifesting that wich is desired and touching upon things that it counts as negative will usually not work. A person who has a negative self image and associates their body with negative states of mind will usually not be inclined to work with anything that has anything to do with the body. So the first thing to do is to introduce positive associations with the current shape of their bodies. A sample of this is the Marilyn Monroe image:

Now, Marilyn is chubby, has stretch marks, her boobs are not perfectly shaped and she had a hoard of issues with drugs and mental problems. Far from having a perfectly shaped body as far as modern standards go, right? Yet, she is regarded as one of the most famous sex symbols and one of the most beautiful girls in modern history. So, by intruducing the very real example found in Marilyn the subconsious mind can too associate your chubby tummy, wide hips, strech marks and so on with sexyness. Because that is the truth. Marilyn is the proof of that.

In a weight loss spell and diet spells for women the negative associations with their body are replaced with the reality of sexyness. Now we have something positive and more interesting for the subconsious mind to pursue. Perhaps becomming even more sexy is a something desirable?  Yes, indeed. When performing a weight loss spell this is usually done by making a doll or a similar image of the person to loose weight using an old piece of their clothing or adding some of their hair to a cloth doll. The subconsious spirit of the person is then summoned into the doll and the proffessional natural magician speaks to the spirit and explain the Marilyn idea.

If the weight loss spell is done for a man to loose weight the ideas worked with is the fact women are very often attracted to men for reasons of protection. Being big, heavy and strong is thus an attractive and sexual feature. There are other samples of this, but you get the idea.

The next part of the weight loss spell is usually to either encourage activity in the form of physical exercise or to change what is being taken in in food or drink and associate that with the new and interesting subconcisous pursuit of increasing sexyness. It is usually done with herbs of Martial nature, such as hot spices and herbs that increase the power of will.

Occasionally one adds something that symbolizes the loss of mass or kilos as well. In a trolldom (traditional Swedish magic) weight loss spell this can be done by putting a personal trace of the person in a stream or river of running water and say "as this water runs and flows away, so will the fat and mass of NN´s body run and flow away. Until she has replaced X kilos with sexyness". Or some similar idea. This helps the subconsious mind by strengthening the idea of what is do be done.  

In a Diet Spell or weight loss spell the doll or image attached to the spirit of the person to loose weight is then usually covered, stuffed or smoked with herbs that are associated with expulsion or laxatives such as Senna or Cascara Sagrada.

Sounds simple? Yes, it is! But if you have invested a lot of emotions regarding the shape of your body Weight Loss Spells are difficult to perform succesfully for ones own behalf.

/Johannes Gårdbäck, The Root Doctor.