Trolldom & Nordic Spirituality

- An Online Education -

Starts Februari 2020

Up until now only private students have been allowed to learn through our apprenticeship but in Jan 2020 we are starting our first online beginners course in English.

This course will teach the foundational techniques, ideas, models and then connect it to the land and culture of the Scandinavian tradition of Trolldom and Nordic Spirituality.

The course will provide both the practical foundations of successful magic as well as spiritual development. 
Why do we teach both magic and Spirituality? Magic can be seen as an expression of Spirituality or Spiritual Development. Using magic successfully indicates you also successfully developed yourself spiritually. If we put this in a cultural perspective then Trolldom is an expression of Scandinavian spirituality. It is not the only expression, but one that - by its practical results - can be seen and taken measure of quite easily.

This is why course is centered on that which brings practical results. It is not aimed to amuse or entertain but to be a tool for you to use successfully in service to those around you and to contribute to your culture.    

Teaching Trolldom today is a bit differen
t than what it used to be like in the past agrarian Scandinavian culture. 

We have another mindset, and a whole set of both new and old assumptions about magic, seership, our self and the world that keeps us from effective practice and communication with spirits and magic. So before we start diving into the techniques of old we will explore and train the foundations of the practice.  

The course contains:

  • 1 hour live online teaching every week.
  • Each class will be recorded and posted on our education platform, so that you can watch it anytime and as many times as you like.  
  • Access to an online community where you can ask questions, discuss the methods, share progress and much more... 

Course fee: 
The course fee is USD $95 per month. 

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Sample of the schedule: 

In order to use traditional techniques successfully we need to start with the Foundations. 
  • The techniques, ideas, mindsets and that makes out the foundation for any magical practice in order for them to be able to connect with where you are today. 
  • Assumptions about the mind, spirits, seership, communication and apply different models to see what results they bring.
  • Ability to do divination and perceive beyond the physical. Discerning non-physical things like spells and curses. 
  • Communication and discernment of various spirits and how to approach them in practical ways. 
  • Then we move into the doing aspects of the work which includes spell work and how to use different materials, timings and places in the work and why it is done. How and why to work with belief. 

Then move on to Traditional & Modern Trolldom and Nordic Spirituality:

  • Trolldom in history - a historical review of magical practice in Scandinavia. 

  • Trolldom today. 

  • Troll formulas in speech, song and in written form.

  • Techniques of Trolldom - Spells and methods within the tradition.

  • Materials of Trolldom - Trees, herbs, minerals, elements, animal parts, and more.

  • Tools of Trolldom - Knifes, swords,

  • Swedish Nature - Sacred wells, Sacred stones, Sacred trees, furrows, crossroads, etc. 

  • The spirit of the land - Spirits of the dead, connecting with nature and culture and what it does. 
  • Utesittning, Maning (summoning) and other means to get information from spirits. 
  • Spirits of the dead. - as support and souces of problems. 
  • Other spirits - Elves, Vaettir, Trolls, etc how to approach, deal with and work with. 
  • Reaching for powers greater than ourselves - virtues, powers and deities of the Scandinavian culture (this includes both those unnamed in nature, Old Norse Deities, Saints and Christian deities). 
  • The Worlds, the world tree, taken under ground. 
  • Runes and other symbols - how they work and how to use them. 

When all of this is covered we take these old methods into modern applications. 

This means contemporary and cultural issues and how these can be approached and solved using the old methods. As a practitioner in modern days, sooner of later you will also encounter other traditions, spirits, spells problems with other cultural roots. We will discuss these and how they can be approached. 

When that part is covered we will talk about other tools that can be used to develop your spirit, soul and self. A
nd finally, for those interested in working professionally we move on to the work aspects of dealing with clients and so on. 

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