Sugar Box & Honey Jar Spells

It seems that the most popular spells around these days is the Honey Jar Spell. I guess the popularity of this spell has much to with the marketing it has gotten through Cat Yronwode and the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Nowadays there are even pseudo-wiccan varietys popping up with odd additions and claims of originality. Well, why not?

The purpose of a Honey Jar spell is to sweeten people towards you, or anyone or anything of your choice. It is a very popular way of making a partner (be it a sexual partner, a spouse, a co-worker or your boss) more receptive to you and to become kinder and more loving.

I have done hundreds of Honey Jar spells over the years and, yes, they are effective. A bit slow working - like the gooey and sticky consistency of honey - but generally something that is good to have going on a long term basis.   

Besides adding herbs or mineral curios to the jar, the spell is usually fine tuned to your purpose by burning various coloured candles on top an anointing these candles with appropriate Conjure oils. 

On the downside they are not the most suble to dispose of due to the glass jar and metal lid and incredubly sticky content when the spell is to be closed. Removing the content onto a separate paper and disposing that is a sutable crossroad or burying close to the target is fine, but it takes a long time to get is all out. I am not very fond of disposing glass jars at crossroads, so I often pick another method.

These people are seldom aware of the other members in family of sweetening spells out there. 

The whole point is to sweeten people so in this family we find everything from sugar cubes to Molasses and Syrup used as well. Here is a Sugar Box spell, using sugar cubes, instead of Honey to sweeten a couple to be more loving towards each other:

I found that some people are more sensitive and receptive to sugar or other sweet substances than they are towards honey, so it will fine tune the spell even more to find this out through divination before you start the work.

And occasionally you need to be fast with your work and dont have time to cook up a full Honey Jar spell. Then a PET bottle, some sugar and regular tap water can be just as effective. Just add the name of the target or a personal concern, pray, cap the bottle, shake it and put it away.

Another version is to take a sugar cube, put a drop of Love oil on it and place the cube on a picture of the target or a piece of paper with their name written three times. If you have some Tin Foil it is perfect to use as a wrapper for this. Make a little package and wear it in your pocket or purse.

If you are lazy, just wrap their hair around a lollipop, pray over it and put the paper back on. It is a pretty inconspicuous and subtle kind of sweetening spell and it usually works just as well as the others.

For the sweetening fans out there, it should be added that both Honey and Sugar can be used as an incense to sweeten a place. Sugar smells pretty badly when burned thou, so if you are sweetening a place for a party or alike, make sure you burn it an hour or so before and then cover the smell with something nicer like Cinnamon, Allspice (which are also good for social gatherings) or Juniper berries and a little Ginger (which may be more suitable for small social gatherings in your bedroom).