Spiritual Services & Magical Work.

Exempel på magi som involverar änglar.

For the past 14 years as professional spirtual practitioners and magicians with an international clientel people say we have been gifted with a wide array of magical skills but if I (Johannes) have to choose our specialities at The Root Doctor they are;  removing the effects of black magic spells and the evil eye, spiritual cleansing, turning bad luck to good, road opening work, health spells and rituals, spiritual protections of various sorts, remove evil and troublesome spirits and kinds various kinds of healing work.

The usefulness of these spells often spread over to all kinds of situations ranging from trouble sleeping due to habit or unnessesary thoughts, trouble with bad exes or mothers-in-law, bringing back lost love or drawing in new partners to solving unusual situations, such as bringing misdeeders and criminals to justice, making companies deliver on their promises.

Most people define spells and magical rituals using terms that describe the area which the spell or magic ritual concerns such as; love spell, problems with black magic, money drawing spells, job getting spells, court case spells, self-confidence and empowering spells, spells for success in school, spells for getting into a some school, course or similar thing with many competitors, house getting spells and so on.

Others clients seek help using culturally specific terms for spells and conditions such as; Honey Jar spells, Reconciliation spell, Love Me spell, Adam & Eve spell, Fire of love spell, Stay with Me spell, Break Up spell, Separation spell, Cut and Clear spell, Money Drawing spells, Jinx-Breaking, Uncrossing, Stop gossip spell, Protection spell, Fiery Wall of Protection Spell, Cursing, Crossing, Hot Foot spell, Cruciable of courage spell, Graveyard work, removing sihr or Jadoo, djinn removal, Da Sui Yan (Villain hitting), restoration from Susto, Stöpning, stämma tjuvar, gastakramad and so forth.  

Know this; Once the rootdoctor knows how, what to use and how these are combined (in other words had geniune magical training and having been well taught in the art) he or she can compose a spell or a magical ritual for just about anything and everything.  In this sense, the answer to a very common question is this;  A competent rootdoctor, magician or trollkunnig can always do something about everything. So  - Yes. we can do a ritual or a spell for the situation you are asking about.  

However... what defines the outcome of the magical spell - the mundane result - is far more complicated. It involved the beliefs, emotions, mindset, capacity, spiritual environment, avaliability and mundane circumstances of the client and everyone else involved in the work. Usually this can be overcome by the strenghts and skills of the magician, but not always. As a loosely held standard in the community of workers it is said that to be a decent professional one has to have a success rate of 70 - 80% of all the cases taken, spells preformed and rituals undertaken. It is a high, but fair standard. This is sometimes the reason why ethical spell casters and witchdoctors turn down cases which their divination (psychic reading) says will not be a success.