Learn Trolldom Magic and Spiritual Work. 

Johannes B. Gårbäck offers private teachings and apprenticeship. 
The teaching takes place in person or over videolink & email (if you live abroad).
Minimum of apprenticeship is three months.

All lessons is determined at the start of the apprenticeship and is based on what you want to learn and what you want to be able to do.
The lessons may include learning how to do divination, see and communicate with spirits (like the dead, angels, nature beings, and so on), find out if someone is cursed or haunted and remove such troubles, learn various spiritual and magical techniques, learn spells and methods specific to traditions such as traditional and modern Swedish Trolldom etc. The standard aim is to guide the student to a level of skill where he or she is capable of handling all kinds of magical cases successfully on a professional level. 
For details and pricing please send an email to order (@) therootdoctor.se or type in the chat link on the homepage.