How to use and care for a Mojo Bag from The Root Doctor

Below you will find the procedure for using and caring for your Mojo Bag. Please note that the personal adaptions, made through psychic reading for your specific situation and purpose, are not included and will be given through e-mail or personal contact only. 

Using a Mojo Bag in the Hoodoo Tradition.
Please read through the instructions before starting the work itself.
Read through the instructions and pick a suitable date and time to start or start wearing the Mojo right after you read these instructions.
IF you are to take some hoodoo baths as well, then start wearing the Mojo bag right after the first bath is completed.
I always use divination to find out what to be the best, and most effective option for you in regards to getting what you specifically desire in this case. In the text below I have encircled the most suitable options.
It is generally recommended to start wearing a Mojo for the first time when getting up in the morning on a brand new day. On this day you should get up right before dawn, so that you will start at the same time as the sun rises in the East. 
When attracting something, the process is considered to be enhanced if the Mojo bag is first worn right after the New Moon, when it is growing towards full.
When removing something, the process is considered to be enhanced if the Mojo bag is first worn right after the Full Moon, when its light is diminishing.
It can also be enhanced by starting to wear it on a:
  1. Sunday.
  2. Monday.
  3. Tuesday.
  4. Wednesday.
  5. Thursday.
  6. Friday.
  7. Saturday.
The first time you start using the bag you should place it in your left hand, palm facing up. Then you give your bag a name. Say it out loud. Then state what it should be doing for you. Lastly, tell it that you will feed it and care for it, if it provides you with what you desire or helps you in reaching your goal.
Use your own words. Speak in a sincere and heartfelt manner to the bag.
It can sound something like this:
“I name you   ______ !
_________ shall be your name henceforth and you shall pay attention when I speak it. Your purpose and task is to help me ___________________________.
This is what you,_________, will be doing from now on. If this is done by you, I will provide and care for you and will feed you in return. Start at once!”
Then you feed it with a tiny dash of ___________________ to give him/her strength.
It should be put in your pocket or close to your body. If placed in a pocket, make sure you do not put anything else in that pocket. Keep it clean.
Never tell anybody about your Mojo Bag. Never show it to anyone. Most importantly; A MOJO SHOULD NEVER BE TOUCHED BY ANYONE ELSE THAN ITS OWNER.
Never open a tied Mojo Bag.
If anyone should touch it, you need to place it on a table. Light a small candle and hold it in your left hand. Then call out its name three times. If you cannot feel anything or if it feels “dead” you need to get a new one. If something is felt and it feels alive, then just apologize for what happened, brush it off gently with your right hand, feed it with a dash of __________ and tell it to continue the work as before.
When your goal is reached, the Mojo Bag has served its purpose. Thank it and tell it to be dismissed. If you want you can put it aside for future use or burn it and shatter the ashes on the ground or in running water.
If you find yourself making a mistake in the process, just ignore it and continue the work with a steadfast mind. It is the heartfelt devout meaning of what you are doing that is most important.
Best of luck and may your work be blessed!
©World wide copyright 2014 The Root Doctor AB.