Connecting to Ancestry and the Land. 

So you like Viking culture? Or perhaps you feel drawn to Scandinavia in some way? Maybe you have Swedish ancestry? Or you just resonate with some part of our culture and want to explore it more?

These videos are selected because they describe something genuine about our culture and about these lands that may not be easy to access unless you were born here and have long ancestral lines. In our Trolldom & Nordic Spirituality course and training (see watching these (and some more we have added there) is a mandatory part just for the reason of its impact and effects in itself. Each category below contains a playlist that you can just watch in the order it appears or go to the source on Youtube and pich order yourself.

Some of the videos are in Swedish and even though you may not understand the language. Connections are made through feelings and what you gather with your senses (inside and outside). So just watch, listen and pay attention to your feelings and perhaps you may experience a deepened connection. Meet the energy of the culture through experiencing it. It may be like coming home.  

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