Bath instructions for The Root Doctor`s cleansing baths

Below you will find the procedure for taking your bath. Please note that the personal adaptions, made through psychic reading for your specific situation and purpose, are not included and will be given through e-mail or personal contact only. 

Taking Cleansing/Removing Baths
in the Hoodoo Tradition.
Please read through the instructions before starting the work itself.
Traditionally baths are taken just before dawn in the morning, so that the final step is completed when the sun rises in the East. If you are serious about your issue, this should be followed if possible. If you are instructed to take several baths, the traditional instructions can be difficult to follow in modern times. Especially for those who have children or shifting work hours. If this is the case for you, try to adapt as much as possible to the tradition and just do what you can. It is the meaning, and heartfelt devotedness when doing your work that will be most important part.
I always use divination to find out what to be the best, and most effective option for you in regards to getting what you specifically desire in this case. In the text below I have encircled the most suitable options.
When removing negative or undesirable conditions, the process is considered to be stronger if the bath is taken after the Full Moon, when the light of the moon is diminishing.
The process is also regarded as stronger if taken on a:
  1. Sunday.
  2. Monday.
  3. Tuesday.
  4. Wednesday.
  5. Thursday.
  6. Friday.
  7. Saturday.
So if you have the possibility to do so, pick the first recommended day after the full moon for your first bath and check in a calendar at what time the sun rises on that day.
Another way is to take the bath before dusk and throw the water towards the settling sun.
In your case it would be better to use:
  1. Dawn.
  2. Dusk.  
If you do not have a bath tub you get yourself a large bucket or alike and place that is the shower. This will be used as a “bath tub” in the text below. Just follow the instructions and ignore the submerge part. Make sure you are standing over the bucket when doing the work, so that some of the water will fall back into the bucket and can be used in the last part of the work.
Now,  first of all divide the Bath mix you have received into:
  1. 3 piles, one for each day you will take this bath.
  2. 5 piles.
  3. 7 piles
  4. 9 piles
  5. 13 piles.
  6. Other:
Boil up a substantial amount of water. 2-3 litres/gallons, and let the herbs soak under a lid for:
  1. 3 min.
  2. 5 min.
  3. 7 min.
  4. 9 min.
  5. 13 min.
  6. Other:
If you have a bathtub, fill it up to 2/3 with:
  1. Cold Water.
  2. Lukewarm water.
  3. Hot water.
When the preparation is ready, filter it and pour it into the bath tub. Stir the water counter clockwise until it is properly mixed the water.
Take three steps back.
If you have gotten incense and/or Oil it should be placed near the tub now. So that you can reach it without having to leave the area later.
If you want you can enhance the ritual by placing two ________ candles, so that they form a “portal” for you to step through towards the bath. If you have chosen to do this, now is the time to place them at the distance of three steps from the bath tub..
Light the candles. Step through the portal and into the water. Immediately submerge your whole body. Then stand up and start rubbing yourself quite briskly and firm downwards from top of head to the tip of your toes and from your shoulders to fingertips. While doing this, pray aloud devoutly and heartfelt in your own words or use Psalm 51. Then submerge again and repeat the whole process for a total of:
  1. Three times
  2. Five times
  3. Seven times
  4. Nine times.
  5. Thirteen times.
  6. Other -
Once you are done you get out of the tub. Stand until you have air dried completely (hair can be covered with a towel and a hairdryer can be used if the place is very cold).
  • If provided with oil then anoint yourself with small amounts from the elbows downwards to the tip of your fingers and from your knees downwards to the tips of your toes. Massage downwards in a soft but firm manner.
  • If provided with incense, light it and stand over it while drying.
Scoop up a bit of the water in a bowl, bottle or bucket.
Step out of the portal. Leave the candles to burn out completely or snip them out and relight them to burn out when they can be properly supervised.
Bring the water to a crossroad. Stand with your back towards the rising/setting sun and throw the water over your left shoulder. Then walk away, without looking back. If possible, take another way back home than the one you arrived on.  If you have no crossroad available, then go to a place of running water and do as described above.
(If you have gotten a Mojo bag, now is the time to start wearing it. See instructions for using and handling a Mojo bag.) 
Repeat this process for a total of:
  1. 3 days in a row.
  2. 5 days in a row.
  3. 7 days in a row.
  4. 13 days in a row.
  5. Other:
One this process is complete; you should put the work out of your mind completely. This is sometimes done by facing the tub and raising your hands above the head. Cross the arms and do a cutting movement downwards in front of your body, as if cutting with arms as a scissors. When you cut you take a step back. Then again and take another step back then a third and final cut with a step back.  This process is not necessary, but many have found it helpful when having a hard time to put the spell out of their minds.
If you find yourself making a mistake in the process, just ignore it and continue the work with a steadfast mind. It is the meaning of what you are doing that is most important.
Best of luck and may your work be blessed!

©World wide copyright 2014 The Root Doctor AB.