The Root Doctor´s Apprenticeship.

After two decades of providing successful professional magical & spiritual services both to the local community as well as to an international clientele all over the world Johannes B. Gårdbäck now spends most of his time training apprentices.
Apprenticeship is suitable for people who are looking for a teacher with long experience in the hands-on, down to Earth magical and spiritual practice aimed at tangible results.   
The aim of the apprenticeship training and teaching is for the apprentice to reach a standard of a professional witchdoctor and be able to efficiently and successfully provide genuine magical services to his or her own community. 

All teaching and training is individually based depending on the level, talent and requests of the apprentice.

The teaching takes place in person or over video link & email (if you live abroad). After one year of apprenticeship the apprentice can be offered face-to-face teaching on location once ot twice per year.  

Minimum of apprenticeship is three months.

Some of the things included in The Root Doctor´s Apprenticeship:
  • Learning how to do divination, see and communicate with spirits (like the dead, angels, nature beings, and so on).
  • Find out if someone is cursed or haunted and remove such troubles using traditional healing methods and spells.
  • Learn various spiritual and magical techniques including spells and methods specific to traditions such as traditional and modern Swedish Trolldom and other ways.
  • Learn about the materials such as magical properties of herbs, minerals and other common ingredients.
  • Learn how to make your own magical oils, ointments, incenses, powders and alike. 
There are 3 kinds of Apprenticeship:
  1. Full time apprentice: 2 hour/week.
  2. Part time apprentice: 1 hour/week.
  3. Other circumstances: For instance if the apprentice cannot commit to a regular schedule it might pe possible to do the teaching in larger chunks annually.
For more details and pricing please send an email to order (@) or type in the chat link on the homepage.