About Ola Mattsson

Dr Johannes discovered Ola Mattsson in 2014 when Ola seeked help to solve a personal problem. Little was Ola then aware of the gifts that Dr Johannes saw and helped him discover and identify. After a couple of years of hard training it was decided that Ola was ready to take care of clients on his own in 2016 as Dr Johannes stand-in magician.
“This was a much interesting and challenging period. Not only did I have to discover new magic and expand my boundaries in order to solve the various cases that came to me, the experience also taught me a lot about myself. The Universe sent me the clients that I needed to progress on my own personal and spiritual journey as I at the same time had the opportunity to help and serve others. I certainly feel blessed to be on this spiritual path.

Angel magic is the speciality of Ola nowadays and it has been much appreciated by the customers due to its pleasant vibe but still powerful results.

“Dr Johannes helped me build a solid foundation based on traditional folk magic. We started from the roots so to speak. I later discovered that I resonated well with the angelic beings, but without the prior solid groundwork that discovery would never have happened. There is no magic that is better or more powerful than another, it is just that angel magic resonates very well with me.”

Ola has a broad set of skills and have been going through a lot of various training and courses which he has put to practice. Among others tarot reading, mediumship, hypnosis, behavioral science and psychology at university level, spiritual and trance healing and of course magic. One of Olas greatest talents is however to be able to see the broad picture and combine different schools and seemingly unrelated methods in order to create new practical and workable practices of magic and healing.

“People usually gets specialized in one area and get pretty good at it, but I like to see how things are interrelated and connected. The universe is holistic and multidimensional. I just cannot resist the temptation to explore and learn more, the goal is to get a better understanding and find new efficient methods of magic that suits our current time. “Trance angel magic”(TAM) is one of these discoveries where the client can really feel the angelic energy in their bodies and minds. That is a powerful experience that really makes you convinced that “there is someone up there who loves me”.

  “I´ve done pretty much everything you can expect from a working professional magician except the really darkest things, it just does not suit my personality. I have cleansed houses, sent spirits of the dead into the light and made pretty accurate forecast with tarot cards, canceled black magic and curses, made a person attracted to you or found new sources of income and all that traditional stuff. But what I focus on and love to do nowadays are especially personal growth, healing and relationships. The world around us is pretty much a mirror image of our inner selves and the creation of the beliefs of our subconscious minds. I find it much more beneficial to help you grow and change your inner self rather than create a quick fix for the ego by manipulating the external reality. If your inner self is in order you will need no magic no more. If you are willing to start such a journey I am more than happy to be your personal magician and coach and support you with both rituals and developing conversations."


What can angels do?

“Pretty much anything as long as your ego does not get too blown up. If you need help with love and relationships, money, increase your popularity, win an election or dispute, increase sales, cancel black magic, cleansing and protection there is certainly an angel there that is ready to help you. But what I find most amazing are their ability to help you in your personal development such as building self esteem, let go of worries and anxiousness, heal deeply buried wounds, let go of control, help you discover more about yourself, break bad habits, find your true talents and develop your personality. One ritual that is worth mentioning is for example Reconnect with you soul that can give you one of the most valuable and astonishing life changing experiences the angels can help you with. It is so easy and common to lose our selves in this hectic egoistic fear driven world.  By reconnecting with your higher self you can find the “true you” and your true purpose here on earth and if you find that road and begin to walk it everything starts to run much more smoothly. The purpose of the angels is to help us and assist us in life on earth and they are more than willing to do so if we just ask for help.

Birth angels is another interesting concept. It seems like we are equipped with a certain set of angels when we are born depending on our time of birth, a bit like astrology. Their powers influence your personality and most customers react with “Wow, that is so much me! How could you know?” when we explore their personal birth angels together. Sometimes their powers can however get distorted by traumas and other stressful life experiences. This is often the cause for those life long problems, bad habits and not so nice personality traits that we simply cannot get rid of no matter how hard we try. By doing simple rituals and asking your personal angels for help they can fix those distorted powers and make them positive again. Ola can provide you with the necessary keys to take contact with your personal angels on your own, which is something that can benefit you for the rest of your life. “Of course I also back up and do the rituals on the clients behalf, most people gets a little bit nervous the first time they try and get scared that they did something wrong. Even if this fear is usually overblown I make sure that the customer feels safe and comfortable.”

If you are curious about Olas services and what angel magic can do for you please send an email to ola@therootdoctor.se
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