Minta KarlssonAbout Minta Karlsson

Minta Karlsson is a Swedish-American magician schooled in Traditional Trolldom and Rune Magic and an apprentice of Johannes Gårdbäck. She is a skilled reader, psychic and clairvoyant with a talent for communicating efficiently with spirits surrounding the client. As any trained practitioner Minta is able to perform any kind of spell adapted to your situation. Her specialty is road opening, cleansings, luck and attraction magic. Minta speaks English and a little bit of Swedish. She is based in Portland on the US east coast.
Minta attended university for Theatre Directing and Playwriting and through classical stage training developed a knack for commanding the attention of spirits in her workings and spoken spells. After college she began to deepen her understanding of herbalism, intuitive spell building, healing bodywork and Polarity Therapy. She is a licensed massage therapist and certified Polarity therapist in the state of Maine, giving her a unique understanding of the physical and metaphysical human body. 
In 2018, Minta founded Needfire, a resource for workshops and classes centering around practical magic and nordic root culture. Needfire has grown over the last two years to feature more products and professional services; these include spell bottles, ritual baths, custom spell kits, and a variety of metaphysical wares. 
Minta is a tenacious and highly motivated practitioner, whose natural talent and sharp focus are a benefit to both clients and spellwork.
Minta Karlsson specializes primarily in positive change, whether that be opening the road or calling in strong protections for her clients. Her clients have noticed quick and significant changes in their lives after undergoing her cleanses, attraction, and luck spells. She primarily works with people who feel stuck - those who are struggling to break into a new career, find a new relationship, afflicted by hexes that are slowing them down, undergoing a bad luck streak, looking for a new living situation, or trying to exact major change in their lives. 
Minta is also very skilled at interacting with spirits of the dead and spirits of nature. She is a natural clairvoyant, and her ease around the supernatural has aided many past clients. Minta is often employed to help settle issues with unhappy house spirits causing troubles for their human roommates.
Rune Readings
Minta Karlsson studied the Elder Futhark Runes for divination purposes under Kari Tauring for two years. Minta is an expert at casting and interpreting runes to understand circumstances and possible outcomes that her clients are facing. Past clients have seen remarkable results from following advice of Minta’s rune readings in the past; in finding new employment, new love, and new insights.
All spellwork sessions are begun with a psychic reading, using photos of the client and runes. Minta uses this information to establish a course of action for the client, and then offers suggestions based on the divined information. The custom spellwork services include ritual baths, spell jars & bottles, Trollbags, protection charms, oils, candle rituals, and her popular custom spell kits.