About Lisa Charlotte Baudouin Lie: 

"I have always had a strong intuition, and as already a child I could sometimes know things that would come to pass well before they did, see things others did not and communicate with invisible worlds, spirits and nature beings. That was quite confusing so as I grew up, I looked for clues and how to understand thins ongoing communication passing through me. I reveled in traces of understanding found mythology and folklore and the practice of magic.

In my early adulthood, I thought I had taken a break from the magical for many years and focused on my art practice as a theatre maker, actress and writer, only to realize years later that I never left the magical path at all. And that they are very much connected and both magical work and performing share the need for and train similar sensitivities and abilities, even if they for the most part are directed towards different goals and through different methods. I have now soon finished an artistic practice PhD in the theatre department of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), about the relationship between magical and artistic practices in my own work.

I have been especially influenced by modern traditions that employ a lot of humor, confusion of categories and general freedom to invent- being centered around the effect and not the explanation, such as Chaos magic and Discordianism. And I have a strong leaning towards such things as queer pagan camps and witch camps that combine the colloborative with invention and cocreation. In recent years my interest in Scandinavian folk magic become increasingly strong, and I was lucky to find Johannes through his book on Trolldom, and to become his apprentice for 2 years.
I now practice traditionally through the Root doctor, also informed by both my artistic practice and other magical traditions that I have studied through the years. I have also trained mediumship. I have a creative approach to the tradition and like to keep a fluidity and spontaneity in my practice alongside the deadly serious and heartfelt. I work sincerely and forcefully for anyone who come to me for help." 

Lisa speaks English, Norwegian and French. You can reach here here: charlotte.rootdoctor@gmail.com